La Connexion Francaise


It’s been quite a while since I last posted, but I was really trying to avoid writing about anything that did not relate to Paris or my Parisian preparations. So, on news that does relate to my Paris-year-abroad (which is less than two months away now!):

I successfully applied for and received my Student Visa! It was much less stressful and complicated than I was anticipating. (Note to self and others: when going through bureaucratic processes such as a visa application, looking at and discussing what others in your group are doing will only cause unnecessary confusion in your life!) 

I confronted the infamous “wicked French woman” on Yelp who sits at Window No. 3 and our transaction went pretty smoothly. One week later I was back at the consulate on the Upper East side waiting alongside an actress who plays a character in Gossip Girl (what a suitable setting ?, which I took as a good omen for my trip. Within 30 minutes I was on my way out the door Visa in hand and feeling elated!

Since then, my summer has been pretty bland. I bought my luggage- a two piece set in a cherry red color. I knew I was committing a textbook mistake while I purchased them but I couldn’t resist. I know that it’s more likely to have your luggage stolen if it looks expensive and is not the standard black color.  This tips off thieves that its contents will probably be worthy of stealing. But since I’ve never had my very own luggage before, I was willing to take the risk. Plus, I can take other preventative measures and buy this new product that looks like luggage i.d. tags but it actually enables you to track your luggage.  

Now my two piece set is sitting in my room, begging to be filled with my clothes, shoes and toiletries, but I’ll wait at least until the beginning of August to start packing.


The last thing to note is that it appears to be that New York City is becoming more French. Now, I know that the truth is that since taking French in Fall 2010 I am just more aware to people speaking French, French stores, French restaurants and French products when I walk around the city. I am merely the victim of confirmation bias and selective thinking (or is NYC really becoming more French-influenced?).

I was walking downtown…A Vespa and a French restaurant  


I was walking over the Brooklyn Bridge… Lovers proclaiming their everlasting (or 6 month long) love  through locks. What do they think this is, the Pont des Arts ??



Until next time.