Lucky Rabbit Hat

I don’t know what I did in September to earn such bad karma but October definitely wasn’t my month. In addition to being hit by a complete stranger, which I won’t go over as I think I covered it extensively in my last post, I don’t think I passed 3 consecutive days in October without finding myself in an embarrassing situation. I’m not complaining because when recounting the stories they merited many laughs. Such stories include:

-the time I uknowingly and stupidly used my host’s decorative teapot to boil water on the stove for my tea.

-the evening I came back to the apartment to find out the roast I had been responsible for cooking was partially burnt and portions had to be thrown out

-the numerous occasions where lamb was served and I couldn’t bear the taste. I am going to figure out a graceful way to make sure i never have to taste lamb meat ever again.

-Leaving my house and walking for at least 20 minutes before I realized I was wearing my sweater inside out. Ace.

-Buying groceries and thinking how cunningly I had eschewed the need to pay for or ask for a grocery bag by simply using a leftover plastic bag at the end of the register. A few steps after leaving the super market I then realized I was proudly swinging around a garbage bag. I should have realized sooner after seeing that the bag didn’t even have handles.

I optimistically decided that my luck would change come November. (*Note: I feel that due to the events that transpired from the storm on the East Coast I must clarify that I don’t seriously think I had it all that bad. If anything my “month of bad luck” is really gold in terms of comical material.)

On October 31st around 7pm I was nearly inside the train when I passed a young guy who was coming off the train. As soon as I passed him he slipped and fell on the floor of the subway platform. I like to believe that was the precise moment that all of my bad luck left me and attached itself onto him. (The guy was completely fine so I get to write about this and profit from his humiliation).

Of course, I won’t be completely free of embarrassing moments. Not until I stop breathing. But I really do think my luck has turned around. For example:

-The night of October 31st I baked a cake and it came out delicious. I also offered a portion to my host and think that dissipated any leftover negative feelings she had toward me for burning her roast.

-Yesterday, November 1st I found an amazing patisserie and ate an extraordinary and large pain au chocolat aux amandes et à la pistache that’s only 1/3 the cost of your fancy Starbuck’s latte in Paris.

-Today, November 2nd I found a rabbit fur hat. I don’t know if i will actually wear it and it’s not really my style but I’d like to see it as a good omen. Also, today I had caught the woman who tried to short change me (accidentally or on purpose, I have no idea) and I also had another noteworthy gastronomic experience.. (I really don’t know if i’m ready to share my good finds here yet but trust me, it was splendid.)

I keep getting calls from an unknown French number that I refuse to pick up because i have no idea who it is. But from the ways things are going, maybe it’s an unsolicited job offer or a case of mistaken identity that ends with me receiving a cash for life prize. Or maybe somehow that young guy from the metro tracked me down and is trying to return the bad voodoo.

à bientot,


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